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Rafet n’Diort * – at D.
It is now a real meeting place more than a hairdressing salon.
Just look at the storefront of this place in the 10th arrondissement – tucked away almost behind a low wall and you know you’ve arrived at the start of a border that opens up onto several horizons.
Because she is Senegalese, Djey Aw offers her living room as a place to learn Teranga. La Téranga is this way of welcoming travelers to Senegal – first of all to welcome them and at the end of their well-organized stopover, to “give them the road” as they say at the threshold of houses throughout the West Africa when the guest leaves us.

In rafet n’Diort, we say D. quite simply, it is the feeling of having arrived at “Keur” (house in Wolof). We meet all origins, all religions, all generations, it’s like being in a harmonious choir to listen to all the music of life.
And this salon, which at the beginning was designed a lot for women, is revealed day after day, a warm home where men push the door and linger among the ladies.
Some come there to discover, others because they have known the “big sister” (the boss) for a long time, a lot to do their hair or glimpse all the little hair secrets of the ladies. And all this, in happy exchanges.

Stopping at D.’s is taking your time, time for yourself. It is to get along, listen to each other, advise each other between women, daughters, mothers, friends or pals. It is to discuss current events of the whole world, the news of the native lands, the education of children, the good education also, the business of companies. It is to enrich the relations between men and women and to get along better after a few discussions. What we miss is the baobab in fact.
At D., it is the savoir-vivre together.

At D. it is obviously professionalism that prevails, after almost two decades of working with the best hairdressers in Paris, she has become one of them. And she distills her knowledge (without seeming often).
More than a patron, she is a torchbearer, that of the headdress technique, well-harmonized colors, sensational cuts and original locks. Between hairstyles from here, there, yesterday and today.

Chez D. is a space of comfort – installed at the back of an armchair or perched on a high stool. Here you are installed to take care of yourself, to be pampered, it is first of all to the hair that is granted the care and a little to your mind according to your state of mind.
At D., there are as in all the houses of Senegal, the little sisters or the little brothers who help and give advice – aesthetic advice of course but this can be some points of view on the computer, the administration, legal, artistic or real estate. It is a melting pot of know-how, it is very much the young generation which is evolving towards a certain future, it is the crossroads of many paths.
They are men and women, from the north, the south, the west, France, Africa, the West Indies, Oceania, Asia or Guyana.

These are all the oceans that come together here to water a rewarding land that is colored with a thousand scents.
We are definitely there where we can appreciate what it means to be, to be ourselves alongside the other.
We are in rafet n’Diort, being at D. is a lot like at home.

* rafet n’diort (old Wolof meaning to have a positive attitude and thinking)

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